Tenant screening and credit checks for private landlords

Easy Lease has always prided itself on proper screening of tenants, both from a credit worthy standpoint as well as getting to know what kind of tenant they would be as well as ensuring they will look after the property to the standards the owner expects. Many private landlords do not have the knowledge or access to run these checks, and hence we established private tenant screening for individual landlords, so that they can get access to all the relevant screening for their prospective tenant, without the use of a rental agent, and at a fraction of the cost. Easy Lease offers this service country wide and to all landlords. Our fees are a once off payment and you do not need to open any accounts for our service. 

Our most popular service is the full background check, which covers all the needs and will give you a clear indication of the potential tenant

Credit Check Only

Our credit checks are run on three different agencies, namely: TPN, ITC and Experian. Further to this, we also ensure the name and ID is correct, as per Home Affairs.


Full Background


Our full background screening consists of the full credit checks as well as:

- Previous landlord referals

- Employment confirmation

- Affordability and financial assesment

- Social media screening

All presented in an easy to read report with conclusion and Easy Lease recommendation.


Lease Agreement

Once you have screened your tenant and happy to proceed, Easy lease can assist you with a fully comprehensive customized legal lease agreement, compliant with both the CPA and the Rental Housing Act, ensuring the relationship between landlord and tenant is cemented and legally binding.